Birth Bag Essentials

One things that many expectant mothers want to know, is what to bring to their birth. Whether you are birthing at home, at a birth center, or at the hospital, here are a few key essentials to have on hand for your birth.

1- Water bottle: Our personal favorite is a Camleback Water bottle, like this one from target . waterbottleThis water bottle has a wide top to easily add in ice for a colder drink, but the straw feature makes it easy for mom to stay hydrated. Since we like moms to try and drink around 16oz of water every hour, especially if your water have already broken, this will come in extremely hand.

2- Easy to eat food, for you and your partner: You never know if you will have a desire to eat during birth, and it is nice to have a few snacks available. Make sure your snacks are easy to eat and provide a good source of protein. One of our personal favorites, yogurt or a good granola or protein bar.
Now, we don’t want to forget about our support team; your partner, doula, even mom. Make sure to bring easy snacks for them as well, we need to have your partner well fueled during birth.

3- A blanket from home. It is nice to have things that make you feel safe and are familiar. A great item to bring is a blanket from home, this is easy to transport, and also easy to clean. (should it fall on the floor, or get dirty another way) Snuggling up in a blanket is a great way to refocus during birth, and the smell of home will linger when to bring you peace and comfort. If you are birthing at home, make sure to have a blanket specific for birth, so you know it is clean and ready to use.

4- Headphones and Music: Many times, it is helpful for mom to be able to disconnect from the hustle of her birth environment. (such as hospital staff coming in an out) If you have taken a birth preparation class such as Hypnobabies or Hypnobirthing that provides moms with music, then make sure you have it oheadphonesn your ipod and bring some head phones. If you have not taken a class that provides music, create your own relaxing birth play list. This can help to keep you calm and focused.

5- Swum suit for your partner: This is often forgotten, but it should be on your list of things to go. Many times mom wants to get in the shower or the tub during her labor, and even during birth when permitted. It is helpful for your partner to be able to participate if you want them too, without having to get their clothes wet. It is so nice to have your partner so close for support. Also, a change of clothes can be a life saver too!